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SB 553 Compliance Services

Delivered seamlessly by our team of elite Chief Security Officers, with senior-level experience within both public and private security roles

Ensure you're ready by July 1, 2024

Risk Assessment

  • Our team will conduct a detailed risk assessment focusing on potential risks and hazards specific to your business.
  • We will recommend actionable steps to mitigate identified risks, integrating with existing security measures and policies, and help with execution as needed.

Prevention Strategy Development

  • Our team will review and integrate SB 553 requirements with existing policies, ensuring a cohesive and comprehensive Workplace Violence Prevention Plan.
  • We will develop and update emergency plans/processes, including notification lists and response protocols.

Training Materials and Sessions

  • We will create custom-made training material as required by SB553 focused on workplace violence prevention, emergency preparedness, and active threat response, tailored for your company and staff.
  • Our Chief Security Officers will lead live interactive training session(s) to ensure clarity on the prevention strategies and emergencyprocedures and address specific employee concerns.

Free SB 553 Preparation Checklist

SB 553 Preparation Checklist
Download Our SB 553

Preparation Checklist

This free checklist is designed as a guideline for the development and implementation of a workplace violence prevention program in line with the requirements set forth by the state of California

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SB 553 Compliance Risk Assessment Strategy Meeting