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  • We're in your corner, ready to go.

    An elite security specialist -- a former Chief of Police, Security Director, or Agent in Charge -- can help figure out what to do, then help you do it.

    We've helped hundreds of clients with:

    Employee conflicts
    Escalated mental health issues
    ....And many more

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Why Braav?

  • Security decisions are high-stakes. You need elite talent in your corner. We pull from the very best: Chiefs of Police, Special Agents in Charge, Directors of Public Safety.
  • We know how high-stress security emergencies can be. We make ourselves available to you on demand.
  • Proven track record of excellent customer service and speedy resolutions.
  • We won't just tell you what to do - we'll parachute in to help you get it done

Your emergency -- our solution

 Security problems are stressful. You need an elite expert in your corner.